Reviews, Testimonials & Accolades for Stefan Roth Studios


We are so complemented, inspired and honored by the fabulous feedback from our clients, we wanted to share their words with you. 
These notes will, hopefully, inspire you too, put you at ease, and let you know what to look forward to on your own photoshoot with SRS.



Stefan Roth Studios is the best. 

They are friendly, kind and they really know what they are doing when it comes to the final product. 

It is an honor to have worked with both Stefan & Alex!

--Miles M.


Stefan & Alex make a great team.

Whether a first time photo shoot or a professional model, Stefan Roth Studios helps a model feel comfortable in front of the camera
and be well prepared to show off a portfolio.

Thank you Stefan Roth Studios!

Great results.

--Anastasia M.


Stefan & Alex as a team are wonderful together. 

I truly enjoyed shooting my photos with them, the experience was amazing! 

I would recommend them to anyone looking for great photos and the fun experience of a lifetime.

Their work is a mind blowing experience.

--Major G.


Always a pleasure to work with Stefan, his work never ceases to amaze me.

I will be coming back!

--Caroline T.


I have to say fantastic job.  I love every one of these 8x10s and the proofs. 

You guys just did a fantastic job.  I can’t say it any better than that: fantastic. 

I’m overwhelmed.  I’m pleased beyond words.  I’m over the moon about these pictures.  They’re fantastic. 

You guys are awesome. 

Thank you very much.
--Fred & Angel


Stefan & Alex, such a great team of talented and awesome people! 

Alex, Alex!!!! She is so kind, patient and professional. Never says “No”, whenever we need her help she is available! 

It’s so nice to know you and work with you.

Thank you for being there for us!!!

--Lara & Alina G. 


It was a great experience working with Stefan Roth Studios! 

Alex made it super easy and fun and Stefan did an amazing job pulling out character with his perspective and creative eye. 

I’m so glad to have had this experience with them!

--Jason G.


Thank you!

I haven’t had this much confidence in a long time.

It was an honor working with you guys and a fun moment. Thank you. Best experience ever!

--Roxana A.


Not only did I enjoy working with Stefan and Alex, but I also really appreciated the way they treated me. 

They are very professional and kind. 

Alex is so nice and welcoming and Stefan is so encouraging that I felt confident and comfortable during my photoshoot.

--Danika J.


I love how my pictures came out!

I could not have wanted a better photographer and team for my shoot.

Cannot wait to work with Stefan again.

--Zachary H.


Extremely helpful and fun!

Very knowledgeable and just an amazing experience overall!

--Cassidy H.


It was like Disneyland it is so creative and funny.

You will love taking photos with Mr. Stefan.

--Christian F.

(Age 10)

All pictures are amazing!

--Christian’s Mom


Stefan and Alex were very fun and easy to work with.

The photography turned out phenomenal.

I would recommend them to anyone of any level of experience.

--Tarique D.


Such a joy to work with both of you.

Very professional and loved the end result!

--Rebecca N.


Really liked working with both of them.  Made the photoshoot extremely fun.

They are both extremely professional and will help you out with everything.

Stefan gives you great ideas but also works with your ideas.

--Jairo M.


Stefan and Alex are so kind and easy to work with.

Stefan makes you feel so comfortable during the photoshoot.

I love working with them!

--Brianna R.


This photo session was so insanely fun!

Stefan was so easy to work with and made the whole experience so comforting and exciting!

Can’t wait for the next one!

--Amanda D.


I had a blast working with Stefan!

Such an amazing experience, not to mention my photos turned out fabulous!

Thank you!

--Alexis P.


Stefan is the best!  

His work is fantastic!  

I recommend anyone to come to Stefan, he is so much fun to work with!

I love you Stefan!

--Duyen N.


Stefan made me feel so comfortable and natural in front of the camera.

Alex made me feel confident, and her direction really helped me with the photoshoot.

I really enjoyed working with both of them!

--Taylor M.


Dude, the shoot with Stefan was super fun!

Music poppin’ and everything man.


Amazing photos!

--Matt L.


Working with Stefan and Alex was one of my funnest experiences. 

They are the nicest people and very professional! 

I would be totally lost and confused without their help!

I cannot wait to work with them again!

--Cassandra P.


At first I was scared and nervous, however, it was extremely fun.

It was easy and a great experience!

--Erika R.


Thank you for this experience, it was very beneficial and amazing!

Everybody was very encouraging.

-Aviana Z.


I had a great time with Stefan.  He was so fun to shoot with and the pictures turned out great.

I loved working with him.

--Julia C.


They were really fun to work with. Great photoshoot experience and I loved the finished work.

--Sofia E.


Absolutely had a great experience.

It was a lot of fun working with Stefan and Alex.

They really helped me ease my nerves and helped me feel comfortable during my shoot.

--Brianna G.


If I were to pick a photographer I would pick Stefan because he made me feel comfortable so I wasn’t shy and he made it fun too.

I didn’t want it to end.

--Jennifer M.


It was such a pleasure working with Stefan and Alex!

They were so sweet and helpful, making my experience one to remember.

--Viana V.


It was even more exciting than I thought it would be.  

I had so much fun I didn’t want to leave.

--Sarah G.


Stef and Alex are very knowledgable, professional. They made me comfortable and explained every step clearly.

They definitely were not all about up sales but for what I as a client need.
I strongly recommend SRS.

--Amir I.


Super Fun. Felt very comfortable with both Stefan and Alex! Can’t wait for the next photoshoot!

--Maddie S. (age 12)

We loved working with Stefan and Alex!

Their directions and recommendations were so helpful and their professionalism was fantastic!

We can’t wait to work with them again!

--Maddie’s mom


Very Professional and friendly. Work looks amazing. I will definitely want to work with them again.

The photographer helps you to relax and he is open with you being creative.

Love them both.

--Senam A.


I really enjoyed working with Stefan Roth Studios and they made my experience very comfortable.

I was quite nervous going into my first shoot and the photographer made me feel super comfortable and I ended up having fun.

I also found quite a few photos that I really liked which is not common for me as I tend not to favor most photos of myself.

--Brent L.


Loved working with Stefan! Had such a fun time during the photoshoot!

Stefan is very professional and super friendly! He makes photoshoots easy and fun!

--Jaycee N.


At first I was nervous, but Alex was a great help and Stefan made it super fun and easy.

--Erika R.


Alex is a huge help. She is great at helping you choose your clothing.
Stefan is the easiest person that I have ever met. He made things so much easier and fun.
So happy I got to work with him.

--Brianna R.


It was phenomenal. I love the photographer. I loved it.

--Daniela G.


Extremely Fun. I loved working with Stefan. It was such an amazing experience.
I can’t wait to work with both Alex & Stefan again.
Alex really prepared me & helped me stay confident in my outfits.

--Brianna C.


It was easier than I thought it would be.
I thought it was going to be nerve-racking for me but I was so comfortable and I had so much fun this first time....

--Deborah A.


Stefan and Alex were great! Easy going, great at instruction with a lot of good information!
They were really encouraging and motivating!

--Jay G.


Stefan and Alex were very fun and easy to work with.
Gave great advice and opinions.
Everything felt natural and went smoothly.

--David S.


Great first photoshoot. I really connected with Stefan. I can’t wait for #2.

--Adrian P.


Stefan easily lived up to his reputation.
His playful attitude & insight made it easy to adapt to the camera and find the best pose.
Loved working with him.

--Tie D.


Stefan and Alex are both amazing to work with and make the entire process very comfortable and easy.
Very fun! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

--Max W.


This was so much fun I did not want it to stop.
It was amazing and Stefan is amazing to work with.
Alex was so nice and lovely.

--Biancka A.


Today was exquisite!
I love working with both Alex + Stefan. They made this process fun + easy.
Can’t wait to see how the photos turn out!

--Kyle C.


Rocked it!

--Alexis E. (age 11) and Dad


Photoshoot is great. Stefan is very talented and knows how to shoot great pictures.

--Milan D.


Alex and Stefan were great to work with.
Alex totally prepared me for the shoot and was gracious and diligent in contacting me to set it up.
Stefan directed all of my poses and made me feel like a star!

--John B.


I loved it! It was amazing.
I was nervous for my first photoshoot, but they made me feel so comfortable!
Both of them were so nice!

--Brittany R.


I really enjoyed the photoshoot because I felt so calm and confident.
Stefan is a really talented photographer because he knows how to keep you calm and so we don’t get nervous!

--Christian Z.


I did my photo shoot today. It was SO fun!
I wish I could get another one.
I like my photographer.

--Justin F. (age 9)


Very inspiring and informative to work with people of a high caliber. 

Thank you for the time and opportunity.

--Timothy P.





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